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Our Philosophy

We understand that there is a pet over-population problem in this country, and to that end, we encourage people to always consider adopting a pet from a local shelter or breed rescue group before buying a purebred puppy. These animals make great pets for the average family looking for a companion. We do a considerable amount of rescue work ourselves on a local level with strays, and with breed rescue groups. In fact, we currently have nine cats, a parrot, a dog and three horse that were all rescues and decided they wanted to stay with us, so they never moved on. Two of our riding horses were adopted from wonderful rescue groups after they finished their racing careers.

On the flip side, however, a purebred animal provides a certain set of skills and features that it has been bred for over hundreds of generations, and therefore has a certain level of dependability for pet owners looking for specific traits. We believe that these qualities have their place in society as well, and that is why we breed purebred dogs (and sheep). 

We don't wish to contribute to the pet over-population problem, however, and so we breed rarely and only to improve the breeds we live with. We usually have waiting lists, and we don't breed unless we have enough people wanting a puppy to make sure they will all have wonderful homes to go to when they leave us. People who have gotten a puppy from us have often said they felt like they were adopting a child after what we put them through. The dogs are family to us, and we want people to take bringing a pet into their home very seriously; it's not for everyone. Dogs we have bred are welcome back in our house until the day they die, and if you adopt a dog from us, it is always expected to come back here if you cannot keep it for any reason. 

We do extensive health testing to do our best to provide people with healthy companions that we hope will live a very long time with their new families.