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Lambs For Sale

I apologize that my website is currently woefully out of date. Taking care of the ranch, and working a full time job leaves me little time to take good photos and be a good website administrator. 

We are still actively breeding Finn sheep. We no longer breed dairy goats.

We got 103 lambs in the spring of 2019. We still have many ewe lambs available for sale. The rams have all been sold to other ranches or freezer camp. We have added two QR rams to our ranch, and they have sired many beautiful lambs.

We now have badger face and mouflon colored Finns in addition to the more common colors.

Newest lambs started arriving in February 2020, and we have over 80 again this year.

I will attempt to update as they come in!


2019 Finn Yearlings for sale:

Ewes in the following colors still available:




Black or grey pied

Badger faced


New pictures will be up soon.

Cute photos from the past:

This is our smallest lamb ever, (so far)! Snippet was born as a twin, weighing less than two pounds. Her twin is a pretty brown ewe lamb that weighed 6 pounds. Snippet just wasn't strong enough to keep up with her larger sister, so we brought her in the house to maximize her nutrition and growth potential. 

This is Paikka as a lamb. He is in the ram section now, and is one of my herd sires. He greyed out before one year of age.

Like mother, like daughter!